Another Bucket List Item – COMPLETE

For many years – I honestly can’t recall how many – I have stated a personal goal of being a teacher.  I did not hold back in any conversation using either the old preface “If I were to win the lottery, I would…” or “My actual career goal is to…”  and the rejoinder was “…be a middle school or high school social studies teacher.”  While I haven’t become exactly that, I am happy to be teaching Digital Marketing as an Adjunct at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

My joy has been further enhanced by being able to proudly and enviably live vicariously through my stepson Jacob who actually HAS become a high school social studies teacher (starting tomorrow!) at the People’s Prep charter school in Newark, NJ.

Teachers are one of the most valuable but underappreciated assets we have – and I don’t mean what I am doing – but what people like Jacob and others who give so much of their time and themselves to help others advance.  I am sure 99% of us can name at least one teacher who inspired us to learn more, do more, work harder, or just be a better person.  Mine were Frank Bent, Eileen Frankel, Jon Beauchamp, Mildred Lasky Beauchamp, Eleanor Birdsall, Mrs. Gunn, Robert Roman and Jim Nunno.  I appreciate them and thank them.

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